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Island of Solta

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Solta is an island in the middle Dalmatia (South Croatia), not far away from Split, west of Brac, with 57,886 km2 in area. The highest peak of the island stands out near Gornje Selo, 237 meters above the sea. There are seven islets adjacent to the island of Solta, near the cove Maslinica. The main village of the island is Grohote. It is opulent in flora and even more in fauna (over 100 species of birds, wild pigs, rabbits…) The island has been populated since the prehistoric times, and it was first mentioned by Pseudoskilals in the 4th century before Christ under the name of Olyntha. The symbol of the island is “cuvita” (little owl). In line with this symbol, the people of Solta are also called “cuvitari”. It used to be a pejorative name, but nowadays it is taking a positive note. Numerous formal and informal associations from Solta and those related to Solta are named after “cuvita”.

Referring to its isolation and the negligence of the authorities for this island, the following curse was born: "May you end up with Solta". Mrduja is an islet west of Brac and east of Solta; it is a kilometer away west of the bay where the village Milna lays. The local name for this small island is Mrduja. A renowned regatta “Mrduja” takes place around this very island. There is a funny legend about the quarrel between the people from Brac and those from Solta: They bickered over who owns Mrduja, thus pulling the small island by ropes in two opposite directions.

In the 4th century emperor Diokletian who was living nearby in his palace (today the heart of Split), used to fish in the smallest cove of Necujam. That is how this little cove earned its present-day name Piskera, the remains of its ancient history still lying at the sea bottom.

Apartmani Ćale - Maslinica   Apartmani Ćale - Maslinica

On the island of Solta there are many macadam trails. Mountain bikes are the best choice for this terrain but you can also ride on the local paved low traffic roads. Bikes can be rented in Maslinica.

Solta Island Map

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Apartmani Ćale - Maslinica