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Maslinica is a village and harbour in the bay on the west side of the island of Šolta.
It is a place of unique natural beauty, with a well-indented coast and archipelago of seven islets.
This area is rich in pine and cypress trees and olive trees.
Maslinica is the perfect place for tourists who want to get away from city noises and enjoy a clean and clear sea.
The coastal belt with a number of islets offers excellent opportunities for diving and underwater fishing.
In the centre of Maslinica there is a tourist office and exchange office, market, cafe and three small restaurants.

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Martinis-Marchi castle - Avlija

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In the port of Maslinica there is the old castle. It was built in 1703. by the Martinis-Marchi family as a fortification to protect the island’s western bays against pirate attacks.
Although the castle is refurbished and contains a several luxury suites, a pool and a restaurant, it’s appearance has remained the same.